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If so, please join The Times of Israel Community. Seeking to spread the love, Jewish Facebook dating group goes viral. By Yaakov Schwartz. Chananya Weissman. The senior singles crisis of When an efficient matchmaker stops getting to know her clients and just mixes and matches their names. Why a pair of Sikh entrepreneurs have created a Jewish dating app. Two Indian Americans are behind the new matchmaking service, Shalom. And they say its matching algorithms are as smart as its users. By Josefin Dolsten.

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BIRD is an acronym for Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development. BIRD provides both matchmaking services between U.S. and Israeli.

Inch for inch, Israel surely delivers more cultural pileups and now-vs. The nation has enough diversity, from Bedouins and religious pilgrims to beach goers that frolic in Tel Aviv, to be its own continent. We believe that itineraries need to be personalized, and can work for anyone from honeymooners and adventurers to families and multi-gen groups as long as they are tailored to your interests. Here are some of our favorites; many more can be created by our expert team.

A complex destination, Israel takes time and thoughtfulness to fully absorb. Summer is the busiest season, when tourists visit en masse and the weather is very hot. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the holy lands and the Jordan River in the north, the arid Negev Desert in the south, the option to add-on time in Jordan. Explore the chic beachfront metropolis including a visit to Jaffa, one of the oldest biblical cities in the world, Independence Hall, Hafia and some cool neighborhoods.

Learn about the history-rich destination where, according to the New Testament, Jesus performed many miracles. Meet with a unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, tour a local winery, visit a local family and end at the nearby Golan Heights to see the Israel-Syria border. Lounge at a resort in the barren Negev Desert, which boasts a moon-like landscape, and partake in activities like geology Jeep tours, rappelling, camel rides and helicopter tours.

Explore Jerusalem, a city that mixes historical thrall and religious intrigue in with a burgeoning culinary scene and a blossoming, albeit complex, cultural dynamic.

Matchmaking in a time of corona

Our vision is to advance peaceful co-existence, economic development and constructive dialogue in the Middle East. We achieve this by mobilizing, educating and activating our alliance to foster economic development for marginalized sectors in the nation of Israel and the disputed territories, while confronting and combating anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, economic boycott, diplomatic isolation and delegitimization of Israel worldwide. There are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to supporting Israel.

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Meet up with our in-house Jewish matchmaker for a virtual chat! She will also recommend organizations and events virtual at the moment! Our in-house matchmaker wants to be in your corner. She received her Masters in Jewish Studies from Gratz College where she completed a thesis on trends in secular Jewish dating.

Matchmaking the virtual edition! How We Do It. Inside scoop on other rooms you should be in. Personal introductions. As Featured on Slate’s “Working” Podcast! Looking for something to do right now? See everything coming up including dating events! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would meet my future wife because we were both involved in a Jewish organization, but sure enough, we did meet — and like many people we are eternally grateful for the chance that we got.

Singles Event Recaps.

Healing through shtick: Streaming show brings humor, matchmaking to the Closed-in People

At the intersection of Europe , Africa and Asia ,Israel has been a meeting place of empires, cultures and religions since history began. There seems to be an almost magnetic appeal to Israel and it truly is a wonderful place where anything is possible. So diverse is the landscape and heritage that on a leisurely weekend you can surf at Hilton Beach, ski across Mount Hermon, ride horses, sip locally grown wine, dine in exquisite restaurants, drink cocktails in trendy Tel Aviv rooftop bars or indeed enjoy some cutting-edge theater.

Israel is Open for Your Business – Services for U.S. Companies trade counseling, market intelligence, business matchmaking, and commercial diplomacy.

As the pandemic ramped up and staying in became the norm, the newly unemployed Joti Levy wondered how she could be of service during such challenging times. Levy, who lives in Sebastopol in Sonoma County, is a neurolinguistic programming practitioner — a kind of life coach — and spiritual mentor. As she was wondering aloud to her partner what she could offer, he suggested getting on Facebook Live to share how she was feeling. Then, about two decades ago, she found land-based Judaism at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, a Jewish environmental initiative in the foothills of Connecticut.

Levy said her accent first emerged, years ago, to diffuse a situation with humor when her ancestral trauma was triggered at a Jewish event. On Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Day , for example, she and her guests discussed how the coronavirus pandemic was stirring up generational trauma related to the Holocaust. People from anywhere on the gender spectrum and of all sexualities are welcome as are non-Jews , and no one is presumed to be straight or monogamous … or anything at all, really.

This is countercultural.

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On a recent Shabbat 40 young adults in Israel gathered for a singles Shabbaton (​an event over the Sabbath). This may not usually be.

In partnership with the International Christian Chambers of Commerce, the Israel Export Institute and the Israeli Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce, this Summit will host over international Christian business people from around the globe, connecting them with Israeli businesses and entrepreneurs to facilitate an exceptional matchmaking experience. Imagine the latent energy in a group composed of entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. Now drop that into Israel and watch that energy get magnified and unleashed.

A literal explosion of creative discussions, rich connections and revealed opportunities. Meeting so many value-driven entrepreneurs from around the world, through our collaboration with ARISE, has been a fantastic experience. The crowd that ARISE connects to the Israel innovation community are some of the most motivated, responsive, approachable business people I have ever met. We are co-creating the future of business.

The amount of lives which they positively impact worldwide is simply staggering. The valuable contribution of ARISE to the Israeli economy, the activities of the Israeli bi-national chambers of commerce and our business communities, goes far beyond words and beyond numbers. Many people talk big about business development.

ARISE builds actual connections, good will and trust between actual people, which creates actual transactions and beneficial cooperation at a level that goes beyond anything we have ever experienced. Conference Will Start in. About The Summit. Day 1 – December 6th Welcome to Israel.

Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Put Faith In Unorthodox Dating Service

Top 10 ways to make awesome videos. ProWoman prepares students to balance family and career. The ultimate recipe for baba ganoush. The new GPS for lung cancer diagnosis. Joint deals on horizon as Israel and UAE join hands in peace.

“In the Orthodox matchmaking world it is widely accepted to ‘pay’ well for an eligible groom,” says Chaim, 22, a student at the Mir Yeshiva in.

Israel Mobile Summit meetings for mobile apps and games developers and publishers, ad networks, adtech, affiliates, marketing, startups and VC. Areas of interest are high energy density rechargeable and metal-air batteries, super-capacitors, effective fuel cells, Li-ion batteries, electrodes. Exclusive on-site 1×1 meetings service for all Summit attendees The Mobile Summit will be held for the 7th time bringing together over Israel and foreign professionals in the Mobile applications sector.

This exclusive event, organized by the Israeli Innovation Authority. The Israel Innovation Summit will be held for the 6th time bringing together over Israel and foreign professionals. The Mobile Monetization Summit is a special edition of the Israel Mobile Summit focusing on how developers can monetize their apps. The Israel Innovation Summit will be held for the 5th time bringing together over Israel and foreign professionals. Promoting partnerships between Israeli and European companies active in sectors identified as leading and developing industries in Israel.

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Does anyone go on blind dates anymore? I think the version of a blind date is when you connect with someone on one of the myriad online dating sites, you speak, you email and when you go to meet the person is unrecognizable from the picture that attracted you to them in the first place. You see — a blind date!

Find a Israel match maker on Find Matchmaker, the only website that caters to long-term relationships, whether you’re tired of the dating scene or want to start a​.

It is designed to expose young people with Taiwanese roots like Mr. Mei to the motherland through courses in Mandarin, sightseeing and traditional arts. Mei, who was born in Dallas and attends the University of Texas there. But the trip has long had a reputation for flirtations, flings and wedding proposals.

Hence the nickname. Michelle Hsieh, 23, who grew up in Anaheim Hills, Calif. She went on the study tour in and found a boyfriend the first week. Of the roughly men and women on her tour, she believes most found romance immediately. However, we would like to see the participants continue to keep in touch after they return to their country of residence. Hsieh said. But perhaps Ms.

Bocaf – Digital Community Matchmaking #2

Theoretically it might be argued that commercial matchmaking rationalizes the process of mate selection. A modern marriage-broker has at his disposal more information about prospective mates than a normal person would come across during a life-time of courting. A close look at 10 matchmaking offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, reveals some of the social and individual predicaments combined with this apparent rationality.

Even though courting is often viewed as a matter of pure exchange, the successful completion of the process is seriously disturbed if market calculations become overt and conscious. When a person’s critical faculties are fully alert he might be incapable of overlooking any disadvantages in a potential partner. To reach a favorable decision about a prospective mate, a person has to put himself into the emotional mood of ”falling in love”.

[masked] Israel Meeting ID:[masked] Our agenda for the meetings will be: Swiss Time / Welcome words (Peter) shortly what is BOCAF about (Erich).

If there’s any good news that the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it for the ultra-Orthodox sector, it’s in the world of matchmaking. The virus, and the economic crisis that came with it, has lowered the “prices” of eligible Orthodox bachelors by hundreds of thousands of shekels, and according to experts – that drop in prices is here to stay. Meaning, a new apartment in a good location – Jerusalem or Bnei Brak – furniture and everything, without the groom needing to worry about all the economic stuff, so he can just study Torah quietly.

The numbers skyrocketed, and of course only the wealthy could afford such a prodigy at those numbers. Follow Israel Hayom on Facebook and Twitter. Those days ended when the pandemic started. Nowadays even the wealthy Orthodox are finding it difficult to spend more than a million shekels for a prodigy groom. Once the prices went down, I’m not sure they’ll go back to what they were.

According to Tsoran, many in the Orthodox community are happy with this apparent trend brought on by the virus. People understood that the sector needs to be more logical if they want to marry their kids. The public understood that the world is fighting a pandemic, that is hurting families and taking people to another world, so all the financial management and demands have changed.

And once the demands were lowered – they won’t go back to what they were before the virus so fast.

BIRD Programs

I wish all of our U. This may not usually be newsworthy, but ours was a singles event with a difference: the participants were all young adults with disabilities. The texts used in the workshops were printed in Braille and the sessions translated into sign language. Making the Shabbat accessible and inclusive required incredible attention to logistics. But the payoff was fantastic!

Yael Mizrachi, a year-old Israeli woman, has been to many matchmakers. “​Too many,” she says, rolling her wide dark eyes and tossing her.

He just rolled his tongue in my mouth monotonously, like the motion of a washing machine. God, it was awful. Around two years ago, she established a dating agency — Fass Pass to Love — for new immigrants, mainly of the English-speaking variety. From the second date on, responsibility to end the relationship rests with the people involved.

The next day she speaks to both of them, and if she finds that one has no interest in a second date, she herself breaks the news. So I decided that there would be no games — everyone would know where they stand. The idea of going to a stranger who shows you pictures of potential objects of love and lists their good points is off-putting and outdated.

However, the Anglo community in Israel, especially its Tel Aviv branch, has its own rules. The search for a Jewish bride or groom is a key factor along with Zionism and career change in prompting young Jews from the United States, Canada, Britain and elsewhere immigrate here.

Strictly Soulmates – Jewish (16th February 2012)

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